"Social Psychology"
by David Myers
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This is Muyuan.
My head is filled with curiosity, innovation, and reasons.
Born and raised in Nantong City, China, finished my undergraduate study with Human-computer Interaction major in The Ohio State University, I am now exploring various design areas and make my own contribute to approach ubiquitous computing.
When designing...
Designing is not just about following the Double Diamond Process or making great visuals. Even now we have relatively standard design process to follow, zig-zag problems and messy situations are always around the corner. So, it is a practical way to retrieve reasons behind every design decision for higher level of aesthetic and usability.

With experience in startups and hackathon design competition, I realized the significance of working and collaborating as a team-player. Based on what I learned in the past interns and group studies, getting insights from stakeholders and presenting deliverables in their language helped a lot.
In the past few years...
Started from 2019, as an HCI research assistant, I worked closely with Professor Roselyn Lee-Won to explore how people perceive digital objects differently by clicking the mouse or using a touch screen.

Before that, I tried my best to work under different tittles,
like a service designer in the Shanghai Museum of Glass, an academic peer advisor in the school advising office, and a food editor of Penguin Guide.